This site has been set up by Ian Harford, who is enthusiastic about using new technologies for supporting adult learning and for introducing innovation for the benefit of local communities.

The blog comments about new technologies and adult learning and provides updates to Ian’s book Digital nations in the making, published in June 2006 by NIACE.

Where a reference or page has been updated this is indicated in crimson – eg [Digital Nations in the making: Update Page 99 – Social computing]. This reference can be seen in the posting of 17 May 2006 “Hot blogs for cool books”. To find all the updates so far, type the words “Update” into the search box.

Ian carries out consultancy work, research and evaluation in adult education and ILT and is an honorary research fellow in the School of Education at the University of Manchester. He spent over 15 years working in this area with the Workers Educational Association (WEA) in the UK.

Ian is also Director of the WEA Community Grid for Learning, which has been pioneering the use of interactive learning materials in support of social inclusion since 2002. Examples of these can be found at the website. If you want to make contact, please send an email to him at this address


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