You usually have to be quick off the mark to get tickets to watch the best of Edinburgh’s festival events, but the prize for fast footwork must go this year to South Korea’s B-Boys. Voted a “Fringe First”, this stunning group of dancers was performing an amuse-gueule demo of their art in The Meadows for free last Sunday; and attracted a huge crowd.

Their skills, stamina and acrobatics were stunning. Breakdancers require strength and precision for their breath-taking windmills, towers. locking, freezes, pikes and L-kicks, but what intrigued me most was their synchronised routines – choreographed by Choi Yuh Yeop – of short, rapid body, leg and arms movements. Wasn’t I really watching a speeded up version of one of those early computer animations?

The Ballerina who loves a B-Boy runs til August 24th. So get a ticket if you’ve time as you won’t see such a dazzling display of breakdancing techniques again west of Seoul for a long time.

Two six-footers’ heads and a pop-open mobile phone camera part obscured my view at The Meadows, but you can get a good idea of the B-Boys’ act from the video below.