We are inviting people in ACL, colleges, schools, the voluntary sector and elsewhere to debate the 3rd set of recommendations below from Digital Nations in the making and the wider issues raised by the QIA’s Pursuing Excellence Consultation Report over the next 5 days using the comments section of this blog. The background to this debate is set out in the Invitation to Debate written on this blog on 2nd October.

LOOKING to the FUTURE to PURSUE EXCELLENCE (14th-18th October)


No 1. Create toolkits and guidance for ACL providers to show how new technologies could be introduced to improve and transform a range of existing functions like tutor training, course plannning and marketing.

No 9. Develop a kitemark quality system for those UK online and neighbourhood centres and Community Grids for Learning, which offer community learning opportunities. Once assured these bodies could receive LSC and other funding against agreed widening participation outputs and be subject to lighter monitoring.

No 11. Seek funding for a three year VCS ‘think tank’ for promoting next generation content creation, organisational transformation and the application of ICT for Community Learning and Community Development in support of key Government policies for skills development, digital inclusion and active citizenship.