We are now inviting people in ACL, Colleges, schools, the voluntary sector and elsewhere to debate the recommendations below from Digital Nations in the making and the wider issues raised by the QIA’s Pursuing Excellence Consultation Report over the next 12 days using the comments section of this blog. The background to this debate is set out in the Invitation to Debate written on this blog by Ian Harford and Fred Garnett from Becta.

This is the first of the three separate, though linked, online debates.

CAPACITY BUILDING in LOCAL COMMUNITIES (Tuesday 3rd-Friday 6th October)


No 10. Explore the potential for a volunteer Information Society gap or fellowship year akin to the US VISTA scheme for graduates and others to support UK Online and other centres – to be supported by a combination of Government, Foundation and corporate funding.

No 13. Promote more active deployment of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for community development activities (eg for disabled access, community safety, environmental support) drawing upon North American experience; and fund some Community Grid for Learning or Voluntary and Community sector (VCS) led pilot schemes.

No 14.  Examine with the corporate sector, including IT companies, how they can work with ACL and the VCS  to develop community capacity and more advanced IT skills acquisition for the Information Society; and help sustain local ICT and UK Online centres.