Mural in East Didsbury, Manchester of the England world Cup team with shopkeeper Mr Malik and Transforming blogger Ian Harford - taken just before kick-off against Portugal.

England lost in the penalty shoot-out with Portugal this evening, but Manchester shopkeeper Mr Malik and his son Andy have scored a big hit with their Gawsworth Avenue shop-front mural of the England team.

“I’d seen this big picture on a building down in central Manchester some years ago and thought why not have some artwork here to support the team and show people where the action is in East Didsbury”, Andy told me.

So he teamed up with local artist Steve Proudfoot, who has his own website, to get this 7 feet high picture of the team painted on their shop front window. The photo (above) shows Mr Malik (with the hat) and Transforming blogger, Ian Harford beside the mural. It’s good for Steve too as it helps to advertise his work and handmade cards, which are on sale at the shop.

I was delighted to see this, as it reminded me that I have a competition, launched on this blog site for the best photos of adverts or artwork with an IT or adult learning theme. This is linked to my new book, Digital nations in the making, which is about adult education in Canada, the US and the UK. Details of the competition are in my posting of 18 May and I’m still looking for more entries! Send them to me or bring them in to Mr Malik’s shop – where I have done a lot of photocopying for the book – and we’ll make sure they are published.