carnival supporters with a huge balloon. If you are here in Seattle, it would be hard to miss the mid-June Fremont fair and solstice parade. The weekend starts at noon on Saturday with a glorious street carnival of floats, dancers, naked bikers, installations and lots of street bands. This is liberal Democratic country so it has a fair bit of anti-Bush sentiment as you might expect. This year was the 35th and quite why it is has achieved its particular shape, I haven’t yet been able to find out. It’s a lot of fun and as I’m meeting one of the bikers tomorrow, I may be a wiser man by the evening!

It has interested me for another reason as well – community photo sharing, which has a lot of potential for promoting adult learning. The photo above has been rendered from my photo gallery . “Pushing together in Fremont” captures the spirit of the event, which is all about cooperation and working to end poverty in King County. 

The photo is one of a set from the 17th June parade, which I took and uploaded to my gallery on 18th June. I gave them several ‘tags’ or descriptors – ‘Seattle’, ‘Fremont parade’, ‘dancing’ etc. and by 19th June there had been 55 separate viewings of my photos from people I did not know at all. The potential for a group of learners in a WEA or other adult education class to learn new IT skills by sharing and commenting on each other’s work in this way is there for the taking. I’d be interested in comments here from tutors and teachers who have been experimenting with this, so let me have your views and experience.