My friend Mary emailed me recently. Yes she would be down at the Hay festival and it was going to be a great party. She ought to know as her daughter is one of the organisers. But it sounds to have been even bigger and better than I'd expected to judge from the stories and diaries spilling out all this last week. Two people caught my eye.

Al Gore as the next US President who didn't make it, has deservedly got lots of column inches for his book and film, An Inconvenient Truth, on the dangers of environmental damage to the planet from fuel emissions and global warming. What has scarcely been mentioned – but is explored with some fascinating detail in Digital Nations in the making – is Gore's pivotal role in another contemporary story.

As Vice-President in 1993, Gore was responsible for driving the US Government onto the net and into the digital age through the Performance Management Review and subsequent Re-engineering through Information Technology report. They may sound dull, but the results helped to change the way the world works!

Oh yes and the second person – well it's the same Canadian novelist referred to in Digital Nations in the making, whom I mentioned in Q3 of my last post, as using a telechiric device. Get the name and details and you're a third of the way to the right answers for the £25 prize!