I’ve said that keeping my book Digital Nations in the making current was one of the aims of this blog. But I didn’t expect to see this argument vindicated so quickly! Monday: Charlotte Owen from NIACE emailed me to say the final galleys for the book had been sent to the printers. Brilliant – I couldn’t have had a better pilot to steer the book through. Tuesday: My reading and emails bring up a new reference I had missed from last week, which I’d be kicking myself to have missed, so here it is – Emerging Technologies for Learning. [Ref BEC 1 – 15410]. Becta. 56 pps. 2006.

I’ve written a section in the book about Web 2.0 and the potential of social computing for adult learners, but had wondered why other people weren’t getting excited about it. So it’s good to know some are! There’s a chapter by Leon Cynch on Social networks, where he provides more details about the innovations that I have been discussing – like BitTorrent technology, blogs, wikis, podcasting, RSS feeds etc. You can download an electronic copy of the report or order a hard copy from the Becta publications website. [DNiM Update Page 99 – Social computing]..

Cynch’s concluding comment that “web connectivity is likely to become an always on utility like heat, light and water” reminds me of trekking last August with our son Barney, who’s head of Expedia’s Asia Pacific operations. The photo below shows him in the Chinese Himalaya high above the Yangtse river and deep in a conference call with colleagues in Beijing. The Blackberry made it possible for him to be in constant email communication with work, while enjoying the trek with us. As they say “you’re never alone with a Blackberry”!

Barney Harford trekking in Tiger Leaping gorge, Yunaan.