Becta has just announced today the release of a whole lot more of the Round 4 NLN materials for downloading from the site by the ACL sector. These have been delayed so this is good news.

Good to hear too that Scotland's New Curiosity Shop based in Edinburgh will be holding a free Virtual Open Week during Adult Learners' Week 20-26 May to show just what a range of online courses and materials they have been developing. Dave Egan, who was previously working as coordinator of the WEA CGfL and I have been in touch for a time with Noel Chidwick, one of the founders of the project. They now have established a new arrangement to promote online learning with Newbattle Abbey College, which specialises in work with adult learners. This makes a lot of sense. I've been impressed by their energy and enthusiasm.

Why not visit them in Open Week and get to know more of what is going on north of the border? And while you are about it, take a look at Learning and Teaching Scotland's website, and their Connected Magazine. In the most recent issue (No 14) there's a good article in ICT in Practice on using Google Earth with students.