Getting Digital nations in the making published has been an interesting journey and it’s brought home to me some of the contrasts between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ media. Amazing to think that – with the mobile technology we had – I could have published here within minutes this photo, taken last August in a mountain café in Yunaan in the Himalaya at 10,000 feet, high above the turbulent Yangtze River!
café table and mobile technology.

Writing a blog is certainly a rapid process – and a good way of getting adults to develop their skills and knowledge – but I’m not writing books off just yet! Reminds me to make sure I get the quote in Digital nations from Ted Hughes’ poem for the UK Libraries People’s Network report: Where any nation starts awake | Books are the memory. And it’s plain | Decay of libraries is like | Alzheimer’s in the nation’s brain.

Charlotte has been letting me add extra content for breaking news or to quote useful references about emerging technologies. The most recent (and probably the last to be added before publication) is ‘Among the audience’, a 16 page report by Andreas Kluth in the Economist (22 April). It’s a riveting review of what’s happening in the new participatory media world of blogging, wikis and podcasting; and what this means for the mass media, democracy, skills – and adult learning. There’s also an audio interview with him.

From now on though new ideas and links about technology and adult learning will be appearing here only, as the printer’s ink will have dried! Thanks to new media, the old world of books can be given an extra lease of life. Watch out for more.