April 2006

Have just got the second galleys for Digital Nations in the making back to Charlotte at NIACE and she's now started on the pagination for the index. There are still some decisions to be made about the placing of the photos, as they're not yet back from the typesetter. Getting the shaded case studies and interviews tidily located on the pages hasn't been easy, but should work out with a few more changes. As the days tick away, I'm not sure how all of this will affect our mid May publication target.

Never mind about that though. Some of the people interviewed really are fascinating. There's Barry Phillips from the DfES on about his cliffhanger setting up the 2002 Wireless Outreach Network scheme; and John Moore from Ontario with his 'back of a napkin' 1998 story of the $100k bid to Industry Canada for a libraries database project. That was crest of the wave stuff, when innovators really could hit the jackpot. Back in the UK Tony Bowden from Gorton in East Manchester describes how determination supported by a good local ICT centre can achieve so much. Oh yes and I'm wondering too what people will make of Tom Breitling's internet start up story from Las Vegas. 'Breathless in Vegas' is what I really should have called it, after his company, Travelscape, got snapped up by Seattle's Expedia!


Things move fast with new technologies. When NIACE agreed last year to publish my book, Digital Nations in the making on adult learning and using IT, I thought I could give the book a virtual updating here with this blog whenever needed; and provide other people the chance to make comments, corrections and additions. Now the galleys are back with Charlotte at NIACE and we are working on the final text, agreeing the arrangements for the use of photos and completing the index – always a useful feature since there are loads of interesting details and over 200 references.

Charlotte has been working with her team to innovate their web marketing of NIACE books and has agreed to allow as a pilot the downloading of a short section from Digital Nations from the website. This is great news, so let me and NIACE know if it is useful.  Publication date looks like mid May – as far as they can tell at the moment! There's more information, document downloads and links to the photo gallery at the digitalnations website.